Please find below the programme for the two conference days, which is being updated on an ongoing basis. The scheduling of the conference may still change, but the core hours will remain the same. The definitive programme, with information on the services offered, will be provided in March 2021.

Friday, 18 June 2021

10:30 am Start of day 1 (welcome)
Keynote 1: Holger Backhaus-Maul; introduction, explanation of terms, examples of Service Learning at higher education facilities, opportunities and barriers
Keynote 2: Karsten Altenschmid; opportunities for higher education development, higher education facilities in society, third mission; higher education facilities at the centre (from the perspective of higher education facilities)
Workshop sessions and marketplace
Networking opportunity
5:00 pm End of day 1, followed by social event

Saturday, 19 June 2021

9:30 am Start of day 2 (workshops)
Keynote 3: Doris Rosenkranz; higher education facilities and civic engagement (from the perspective of civil society)
12:15 pm Conclusion of the official part of day 2, followed by additional programme “Into Action”
4:00 pm End of conference